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"New Year, New Me"?

Every year we all become pressured by society to make lofty goals (mostly toward our health) because a new year has begun. And, every year most of us feel like we have failed a few weeks in when we don’t succeed at these goals and are back to our old habits. It has me wondering why we all feel like we need a complete overhaul with the beginning of a new year. Is it because of the stress of the holiday meals and all of the sweets over the past 6 weeks? Is it because big name companies use the fresh start to insist that we need to change everything about our diet, activity, and/or favorite food groups? Is it coercion from our friends and family to have a poor mindset about our body image? I’m not really sure, and the answer is probably different for everyone; however, I think it is time we change our attitudes.

Maybe instead of focusing on stressing about making it to the gym and exercising, our mindset should be gratitude towards our bodies that they are capable of moving and understanding for ourselves that sometimes things get in the way and we can’t follow our schedule as planned. While this is probably just as difficult as getting yourself into a gym routine, it is coming from a place of positivity. And instead of limiting our calories or an entire food group, the headspace would be more positive if you worked on honoring your needs and stopping when you are satisfied. Again, this is still difficult, but it isn’t coming from a restriction of one’s self and you are learning to understand your body and its needs.

So, if you find yourself feeling down about the resolutions you set for the start of this year, start over! Be the source of positivity around your friends and family or find yourself a support system that will help you with your new goals. Ones that aren’t about the numbers or about the restrictions, but about finding self-love and long-term answers and happiness.

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