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Finding Your "Why" without having access to gyms and typical social interaction

During this unprecedented time of quarantine and closed gyms and limited access at grocery stores, I am finding a lot of people struggling with their motivation to keep with their pre-quarantine routines. Even though gyms can’t be accessed, and you might not see your accountability partner regularly, there are still ways to stay on track for the sake of your health.

If this time has you stressed because you can’t exercise the same and your diet has come to a halt, perhaps its time to rethink your plan. The first thing that needs to be considered is why you are trying to lose weight. It doesn’t matter if its so you can feel confident in your clothes, to be more active with kids/grandkids, to improve your bloodwork, or decrease pain and discomfort. It needs to be something that is truly important to you so you can be confident and committed to your decision. Things that will not keep you committed for the long-term: your trainer wants you to, your friend is doing it, to attract someone else, for an upcoming event, or to get back to your high school weight (never a good idea).

Once you have figured out why you are wanting to lose weight, the next part of the plan is how you are going to get there. Maybe it seems impossible because you have fallen off the wagon SO MANY times. You don’t think you can eat well when you are stressed and constantly hungry. I find that people who are only trying fad diets of excessive restriction of calories, fun foods, and food groups are only hurting themselves for the long run and are more likely to “lose their self-control”. BUT this isn’t their fault. Those diets are made to fail because they aren’t sustainable, and they don’t satisfy the body’s needs for nutrients and energy.

Something my clients get from working together (besides accountability and support to finally achieve their success) is that we work together to figure out why they truly want to lose weight and how they will safely and effectively get there. We explore all aspects of their life and what might be getting in the way, rather than focusing solely on every bite they eat every day. Having long-term success depends on what you eat, how much you eat, how well you sleep, what your relationships are like, how active you are, and so much more. This is what sets it apart from programs you might find on an app. It is much more personal and in depth and comes from a professional. If this is something you feel you are looking for, click on my free lesson or email me at so we can get started today!

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